Watch: Particle accelerators explained in a wonderful animated short

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Can I get one in a backpack? I didn’t see that part.

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Sorry got confused there for a minute.

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I wish I ever got to a party where the girls respond “Oh, I build particle accelerators.”


Used to work as an astrophysicist. When you board an airplane and am feeling social, if your neighbor asks what you do, you say your an astronomer. People always have questions they’ve wanted to ask an astronomer. If you need some peace and quiet, you say you’re a physicist. They usually make some comment about struggling through a physics class and leave you alone.


That’s just so sad that people back away from the physicists. I would be super jazzed if I got to sit next to the physicist, I mean, there’s so much that you could be working on, describe it! Tell me! I think that’s really cool, but alas, I guess I’m not like most people.

BTW, @xeni thanks for posting this. I’m gonna show that short my 13 year old daughter.

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