Meet the people who insist the Earth is flat


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damn it @pesco we got enough loons with the last thread


I…just…but…I don’t…I can’t…

Thank you for this, BB. I am now useless for the rest of the afternoon due to frothing rage and incomprehension of my fellow humans.



No thank you. I’d rather not.


Meet the people who insist the Earth is flat


I wonder what fraction of these fine folks are just really, really, really good at staying in-character.


None of my circle of close friends, i.e., people whom I will let into my home without frisking them, believe in anything presented by the flat-earthers. Whenever the topic comes up, however, we make jokes about them.


On season 5 of Arrested Development, Tobias lands the role of a for a lifetime.


Oh, FFS. Not another thread to attract the Flat Earthers here.


The silliest thing about this is that to explain the acceleration of gravity, we would have to assume that the disc is moving upwards at a rate of 9 m/s^2 (not to mention the home-observable phenomenon of terminal velocity). After one hour, 36 minutes, and 12 seconds, we’d be traveling celeritas. :open_mouth:

Oops. 9.8 m/s^2: 1:32:11 to c.

Double oops. That’s not the right formula (as pointed below). Turns out: 30,591,067 seconds. Or 354 days, 1 hour, 31 minutes, and 7 seconds.


Oh, but to the Flat Earth crowd, gravity isn’t a law, just a good idea.


one dude says around 1:45 “based on my gut feeling and common sense” NOPE.


Is this a whole room full of people all thinking what a hoot it is to pretend to be crazy like all the other people in the room?


OH man, I watched like 6 or 7 min of that guy from the conference. No thanks.

I mean, they can’t even show me a model of how the changes of seasons or daylight hours based on latitude would work. One can show that its daylight for months at a time near the north pool and near the south.


Don’t go dragging math, physics or logic into this


I’m glad I got to see this! I actually thought about going, just for a laugh, almost like an anthropology field trip. Pity, I decided not to. It would have been more fun than the time I went into the gift shop at the Creation Museum.


If you’re going in that direction, let’s switch things up and meet the people who think they’re Napoleon Bonaparte.


I’ve got all their channels blocked-off in YouTube.