ISS astronaut asked if he took home a piece of the moon


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Is it awful of me to feel relief that it isn’t an American morning tv host asking this?


If the radiation wasn’t such a problem, I certainly would take home some moon bits…


At work we would quiz the young non-science graduates:
If I’m standing on the moon, and I let go of a baseball, what happens to the baseball?
My favorite answer - ‘It flies away.’
When asked how is it that I don’t fly away on the moon - the answer - ‘Heavy Boots’


I mean, did she HAVE to be blonde? Such a stereotype, you know…


you would think he’d at least snag an ashtray


At least she didn’t ask if it was a planet.


Can you hear me, Major Tim?
Can you “Here am I floating 'round my tin can
Far above the moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do”
Especially about idiots.


Hey, not every astronaut knows about ISS-Luna, the joint venture between the NWO and the Reptillians. In a few weeks they’ll disappear this interviewer for her almost spilling the beans.


Speaking of the ISS, there’s a site you can check to see when it’s visible to you in the sky where you live.
Kinda cool to watch it pass over -


Kudos to the astronaut for not just staring in stunned disbelief in response to the question. I have a hunch that anyone who does the media rounds as a public representative of the space program probably gets accustomed to answering really stupid questions.


It really is high time that they launch the long-overdue “gift shop module” though. Souvenir sales could really help offset some of the costs of running the station.


I feel like there was a “that’s no moon” opportunity there. Pity.


In casual conversation with friends, I’ve noticed that most equate travelling to the space station as more-or-less the same as travelling to the moon (i.e., they’re about the same distance away). They’re shocked when I tell them that the space station is about 350km away whereas the moon is about 385,000km away.


Took home a piece of the moon… is this their way of asking if he tapped any ass?


Anyone who has a job that exposes them to the general public gets accustomed to answering very stupid questions.

AND WHY IS THERE THE SAYING “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”. Yes there definitely is.

my favorite take on the matter:


More generically, you can input your latitude and longitude, or even just a nearby city, and see what’s whizzing by overhead:
Satellite flybys


My instinctive reflex was this this was a fox and friends segment…was also relieved.

He handled it very graciously. yes kudos to him, both for going to space, and for being so kind about answering such a question.

He really missed an opportunity to say, no lady, i was in SPACE, not the hollywood studio used to fake the moon.


What an incredibly kind and friendly response. I think I learned something just now.


We have a national tradition of people in these jobs who are good at PR, e.g. also Wing Commander Andy Green, Jenson Button, and Major Tim Collins. Like the US, these are the people who have serious jobs requiring extraordinary skills, unlike (for instance) politicians.

But in mitigation of the announcer, let me remind you of a very famous riff from an English author which begins “space is big” ( It’s not surprising that someone whose entire life probably revolves around a TV studio, a nightclub or two and a few fashionable restaurants (though not TRAtEotU) might have problems with orders of magnitude when it comes to spacetime.