Watch Peter Bagge's "Hate," the animated short (1995)

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So wrong! (Voices.)

IDK. Voices seems pretty on par for 90’s slacker animation style. Seems like there were lots of artists getting pro gigs right from the underground.


Buddy’s voice is not so bad. But Stinky’s is horrible, just horrible. Not the voice of a Love God.

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Buddy’s voice sounds like Squidward…

The Mudhoney soundtrack is a nice bonus.


Stinky’s was actually much closer to how I hear him in my head: whiney, reactive, tad-unhinged… but this was a bit more nasal than I expected. Buddy was way too slow/lethargic. And not enough Jersey in either of them.

Was hoping we’d get to see the band play “I Scream! You Scream! We All Scream! For Heroin!” or similar.


“Hate” was never really my thing, but some of Bagge’s takedowns of Murry Wilson were pretty decent.


Thanks for that! There were 4 episodes of the Murry Wilson Show, and there were all outstanding. Left me wanting more.

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