Watch Pharrell Williams' stunned reaction to hearing Maggie Rogers' music in a 2016 NYU critique session: "It's like when the Wu Tang Clan came out."

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Correction: Error in the artist' surname in the final link to Maggie Rogers website

(...not Maggie Williams 😖)

Another Correction: In the title, the date shows 2106 instead of 2016.

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These glimpses into the future are rare.

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She must have played that song a hundred times to get it to this point and I like how she can’t not chair dance to it and is doing her best to not actually sing along with herself.


It’s like the debut album for Rikki Lee Jones …you just sit there.


This is the full(ish) video this was clipped from:

Fascinating in many ways. The video totally turns around when Maggie Rogers plays her song. They talk about Pharell going his own way and you can see the moment he realizes that he’s meeting a kindred spirit.

Those of you who have been following Cafuné get to see baby Cafuné being advised by Pharell! Goes to show that there are different ways to stardom and record deals.


Alaska is a fantastic song from start to end, and it was a delight watching her present it and falling into her own being. She was so freaked out at first, nervously shooting him glances, then lost it to the rhythms in her head. Seeing her now and comparing recent shows to this is watching her transform from an unsure student to a confident artist.

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