This drummer plays with more feeling than any other musician ever


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I’m all for musicians expressing themselves, but that seems a bit over the top and distracting/upstaging for the type of music being played…but what do i know.


He’s got nothing on Magma.

And the seven string bass player has lame frets. There, I saidit.


My vote goes to the drummer in The Helio Sequence:

Love that band. Saw them live this year and was mesmerized. Loved watching the drummer. He just goes into a trance doing his thing.


I like him so much better when he’s doing the rumba.


Happy Mutant: Doin it right


and I could watch this guy all day


that guy needs to scale back his drum kit. he takes a stroll through the cymbal forest at one point. geeze.

wow, he really is an over expresser. :smile:


Isn’t it mesmerizing? Heard the one where he sings in an ‘alien language’?


yes it is. no, i haven’t heard the alien language song. lol.


It is the absolute pinnacle of pretentiousness. Lete see if I can find it…


Yeah, think I found it.


That isn’t any of the intergalactic dialects that I recognize and my universal translator is coming up blank. I’m pretty sure he is Speaking in Tongues™ based on the very limited and repeated sounds. :slight_smile:


this drummer is at the wrong gig
34 million viewers can be wrong, but aren’t in this case.


I had never seen that before, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing it to me.


I thought I’d seen this before - this has got to be the same guy, on even better form IMO.


I have a strange feeling that we are seeing someone who is stuck in an endless time loop ala Groundhog Day. This poor soul has been stuck in the same gig playing the same songs over and over again, each time reliving this same song.

I feel like I just watched the latest episode of Doctor Who, in which the same situation ended after 2 billion years of repeating over and over.


All songs with vocals are in an “alien” language (“Kobaïan”). That’s the guy who kicked off the zeuhl movement in French prog. Here’s the same tune a quarter century later.

Pretentious? Yeah, perhaps, but…

  1. the musicianship is at a very high level;
  2. Christian Vander himself has an excellent voice;
  3. the music is rhythmically daring at times - there are few times when the singers are singing in imitation while Vander does something quite different with the drums that anticipates where the music will fall back on the beat;
  4. there is an element of family to the band - the younger singers are the children of the band’s first bass player, and the blonde lady in the centre is Stella Vander, who has been married to Christian and a member of the band since forever;
  5. and, dunno 'bout you, but I’m inclined to cut some slack to a guy who claims both John Coltrane and Carl Orff as influences (and yeah, I can hear both). :smile:

I kind of suspect that Vander falls into happy mutant territory.


Clearly none of you folks have heard and seen that coolest of cats from Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem! Now he’s an ANIMAL!


Using visible kit? Peh, amateurs: