Watch Phoebe Bridgers cover a song from Bo Burnham's "Inside"

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Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to make Bo Burnham any whiter…

Why do people associate breathy folksinging with “gravitas”? Bordeom = seriousness?

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It’s true that Burnham is very much a middle-class white guy, but that doesn’t mean “Inside” isn’t brilliant and moving. I loved it.

Too bad Phoebe didn’t cover “White Woman’s Instagram.”


I loved the driving beat of the Jeff Bezos song. I think I watched the whole show through twice.


it’s … incomplete. what happened to the stunning 8k resolution mediation app? there are places where it seems to be cut, i wonder if that was accidentally cut out of the beginning

Why do people associate singing louder and louder, in rising keys, with expressing emotions, like so many pop/r’n’b/soul songs appear to do over the last couple of decades?
Same with shouting/singing to express emotions, and I’m looking at you, Manic Street Preachers!
Also: see opera singers re singing at the top of their voice to express ’gravitas’…
There you go, your criticism can apply to pretty much any form of music, so your point is, caller?


I was scared to ever listen to that song again and it turns out my fear was justified.

To me the song is sad rather than serious. If you read that as pretension then I can understand why the song would suck.

But as a person who lives on the edge of an abyss of depression and usually can’t stand to think a few weeks into the future because of my uncertainty that there is a future, I think Burnham pretty much nailed it. (Except the line about hating what you find when you google derealization, the first time I googled that I very much liked what I found)


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