Watch: porch pirate busted in police sting

Agreed. The one male in front of her seemed to direct and point to the porch. Forward male on bicycle leaves first. She seems like the patsy or this is one of those lame training manual videos. IMO.

ETA When ordering something larger then a post card, why not pick it up at a depot store? Specially when expensive?

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Sure, just wait until your delivery goes missing and see how many cops you want on the case.

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Yeah, not so much in Edmonton. That’s like saying your average Bostonian has a Southern drawl.


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I think the two pedestrians at the beginning are talking to each other, unrelated to the police operation. (I thought someone showed up at the end on foot and joined in the event, but rewatching it, they also seem unconnected.) It does seem like either she’s talking to someone when she picks up the package, or someone else is talking nearby, though, which made me think there was someone on the scene outside the three cop cars.

I’d want a cop or three, but I’d get fuck-all, no matter how many packages were stolen by the same person, even if they were caught on video and identified by the neighbors. I know that because it happens with some regularity and there’s zero police interest as they don’t remotely have the resources. Hell, someone could break down the door and ransack the place and no cop would come out.

Though doing nothing is, perhaps, an improvement over what they used to do back when they had the resources to follow up on burglaries - which was to wait a day after you reported it and then wake you up at 1 in the morning, shining a light in your eyes while acting as if they had caught you red-handed in the act of burglarizing your own home.


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Why do people leave packages on porches in North America? Where I live in Oxford, delivery people either leave a card or leave the package with a neighbour.

I had this conversation with a friend who used to be a mail delivery person in a rural part of the United States. It mostly boils down to houses being far apart and few people walking around, plus lack of warehouse space at postal depots. Mind you, I’ve seen a few porch pirates operating from cars. Much as I loathe Amazon, its method of having coded lockers in accessible places seems like a good idea.


Is “liberating” illegal? I mean, as long as she was just liberating it, it’s not like it’s stealing.

I’d be perfectly happy with just one constable casually walking on the scene, provided he/she opens with “what’s all this, then”.

Don’t forget the “'Allo, 'allo 'allo…”
P.S. Q: Where do policemen live?
A: Letsby Avenue…

Sadly those are only in major urban centers though they are getting more common. Near where I lived in Seattle they had a delivery shop kind of thing. You could have the package sent there for pickup and everything you needed for a return was there for you to use as well.

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