Man follows porch package thieves, follows them, and gets them arrested

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Oh Mark… @beschizza beat ya to it.



It’s weird that this guy has cameras EVERYWHERE, right?


Note to George Zimmerman and other trigger-happy dirtbags of his ilk: see how he stayed back and let the police handle it?


Again? Same thieves? Oh man, bad day!


Thieves, Gentleman, or Florida Man?

I liked the part where he followed them, but I loved the part where he followed them.


The hard truth is that had he not followed them, just merely identified them from the cameras, police would likely NOT follow up.


He stopped the video before the part where he was cited for driving in his boxer shorts, with no license.


Wait… why do this guy had a package on his porch on the evening ?
Was he trying to bait the thieves or is there a thing I don’t understand about the US post system ? (I mean, it’s weird enough to just drop packages on the porch, most countries have mailboxes or post offices, you know)

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Amazon delivers outside USPS hours.

Oh, I see. I shouldn’t be surprise of Amazon to have that kind of work hours I guess.

‘All items were recovered undamaged’

Oh the vanity of it all.
Thank god I have my $60 worth of Amazon merch back that I need desperately for sleeping shirtless on the couch, or for driving in my fat-ass pick-up truck in neatly manicured white suburbia.


I don’t think that’s illegal in Florida.

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i roll dash cam front and rear.

it is worth it.

I scanned that as:

Man follows porch package thieves, follows them, and gets arrested

Not here. Unless a signature is requested, delivery services including the post office will just leave the package on the porch.

Also why is a package on his porch when he is inside going to sleep? Don’t people want their stuff, and pick it up when they get home?

They would have seen a notification from the Ring doorbell app when the package originally arrived, not just when a thief arrived to steal it. So it is probable that our hero was setting bait in order to track the thieves. Nothing wrong with that, but my guess is that he also put a live tracking device in the package in case a would be thief drove off.

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