WATCH: "Princess Boy's" mom speaks out for LGBT kids' books

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Turning toward the audience and slowly saying “he is my princess boy”, more than once, was powerful.


That “under god” trope has got to go.


Thank you “Princess Boy”'s mom! I can"t stop crying now, but i wish every child had (a) parent(s) like you.


She’s quite the southern funny person, just one of those people that have a knack for saying hysterical stuff without trying. The Holy Bench Press? Someone give this woman a tv show lol. But yes, her comments are incredibly heartfelt and honest and the crux of what she said is wonderful. You can truly feel how proud she is of her two boys.


I want so much to focus solely on this woman’s words, but I also feel pleased about the fact that the books some people want removed represent families that are real and that enjoy all the same legal benefits as so-called traditional benefits.

Even in Texas.


See the (non-clapping) bigots at 05:11

Yeah but they didn’t clap at the next talk either. They never clapped during the whole video.

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I was just thinking the same thing. We need to get that sh*t off the currency ASAP.

Listening to the first lady made me feel happy and hopeful and warm. = love, acceptance, embraces diversity
Listening to the second lady made me feel sad and depressed. = judges others, hates, wants to push out others not like her

The facial expression on the second ladies face when she says “i hate no one” is so telling…um yeah, next time say it without having to scowl.

her entire point was…remember when our imaginary friend returns HE will be just as JUDGMENTAL, AWFUL, and PETTY as I am!

If it weren’t for these quote I’d have been depressed the whole second talk: “Sooner is coming then later” “Liberry”


Yeah, and she doesn’t quite get the whole “render unto Caesar” thing, either, serving to underline her lack of understanding of the faith she so zealously trumpets.

That first lady, though… @Grey_Devil, you hit the nail on the head. That was beautiful and expressed nothing but love and compassion.


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