Watch razor-wielding racing drone play real-life Fruit Ninja


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Practical uses abound.


What could go wrong.


How wars will be waged in Obama’s America. :neutral_face:


Weaponized drones, what a novel idea.


Look who brought a knife drone to a gun drone fight.


…Just look at it.


Manhacks! Be careful out there, Dr. Freeman!


Razor-wielding racing drones: because robots aren’t scary enough.


Reminds me of this old 5th gear episode:

Tiff is nutso good.


Half-life 2 or 2017?

Militarised police on the streets - check.
Authoritarian government - check.
An egomaniacal leader who is a puppet for a foreign power - check.

Now razorblade tipped flying drones… welp


For a YouTube video about a drone with a razorblade attached they managed to get the pretension level up into the danger zone.

I’m impressed!


It is all fun and games until someone loses a nose :wink:


City 17 - check


Amazon package drone whistles nervously…


Impressive. That’s so close to being Combine architecture that Valve could probably litigate about. Where is it?


“Two thumbs up!” -Game reviewer

[bzzzzzz thunk]

“One thumb up and one on the floor!”


It’s the Beetham tower in Manchester, UK. It was designed in 2003 at the latest, planning permission was given in October of that year.


I wouldn’t call Breen “egomaniacal.” Also, unlike the 2017 guy, he has an advanced degree.


Oh hell yeah, i forgot about that thing. That’s the building which creates really weird harmonics during high winds.

Hmmm maybe… still a puppet of the combine though! I always felt he had an inflated sense of self given his position.