Watch: runner celebrates before crossing finish line, gives away bronze medal


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I took Track & Field as part of Phys Ed in Venezuela and my teacher stressed that when you’re near the finish line you run flat out as fast as you can because involuntarily your mind relaxes when you’re that close to finishing and you might want to slow down. So you’ll always want to put more effort crossing that line. Kind of heartbreaking for that girl to lose her medal at such a narrow defeat, such is hubris.



Rule 1: Never look back; something might be gaining on you.
Rule 2: Run through the line. Always.

(I don't know much about sports, but it strikes me as unusual that the athletes' names are "Infield" and "Huddle." Are the other teammates named "Dribble" and "Slapshot?")

Heh…of course neither of those mean a thing to a Brit.




Well, someone still got the bronze medal so it’s not a net loss.


The name on her shirt says “Infeld” not “Infield”. Interesting how our brains work. The original article has it incorrect as well.




Could I watch it somehow? UK.


Whether it’s in athletics or music or whatever, I hate to see pros doing things that we were drilled not to in friggin’ 8th grade. The NFL is the worst for this. Seeing a guy with the ball showboating 5 yards before the goal line just makes me wish my high school coach could give him a good spanking.


Obligatory: Leon Lett getting stripped of the ball before he could cross the endzone in Superbowl XXVII


When will people learn it’s pointless to region-block?


Ha - those are some great comedy names!

Better still, there’s some guy on here who has the last name “Frauenfelder”! Bwuhahahaha.

*sigh *


In running, much like punching someone in the nose, always be aiming for something past the critical point. Much more effective.


Who celebrates when they’re about to cross the line third?


Those used to be fourth or worse?


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