Man gets off London Underground train, runs to the next stop before the train gets there


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Nice. When I lived in DC there was a guy who would race the bus. He’d wait at the bus stop, then run to work, beating the bus to every stop. Traffic there was horrible. After a while he started running backwards to keep it challenging.


If my knees weren’t basically bone standing on bone this is the stuff I’d like to do. Soccer, too.


Yeah, well, sure, but he had to, like, run and stuff. Who wants to do that?


There’s a group in Boston that did this with the Green Line (trolley). Spoiler: the runners won.


I used to do this when I biked to work. Definitely challenging to keep it up over an 8km stretch.


Oh Clark, you scamp.


That’s Mansion House to Cannon Street. They are a bit ridiculously close together…


It seemed more like the train was waiting for him.

That said, I’d love to do this with twins on impossibly long stretches…


I did this once in college with an elevator, hitting the stop request button at each floor. Like an idiot, I chose to race it up the building, instead of going down. Next lifetime, maybe I’ll do it differently.

(My chosen victim of this prank was not impressed. I suspect one of us missed the point entirely, and it may not have been him.)


This was excellent, but I might have been inclined towards another soundtrack…


When I was younger and considerably more spry, a San Francisco bus blew right by me waiting at a stop. So I ran to the next stop and beat the bus there. If you think the driver was abashed by my obvious irritation and humiliated by my footrace, you have obviously never taken public transit in America.



Also helps that that’s the old cut-and-cover Metropolitan line, so the platforms are quite close to the surface.

Still, very impressive!


Did the driver even notice?


Although he looked fairly speedy, it still only worked because the stations were close together (so the train’s proportion of sitting versus traveling tended towards the sitting) and weren’t separated by heavily-trafficked streets that needed to be crossed (where the runner would be forced to wait).

I don’t even have to run to beat the buses here. Walking is more than sufficient to get where I’m going long before the bus would. It’s not even because it’s a dense urban area with thick traffic - it’s just because the bus routes match my desired travel routes so poorly that they end up making highly circuitous journeys.


Wait, I’m not sure that’s a valid move. Does anyone have their copy handy of The Little Book of Mornington Crescent by Tim, Graeme, Barry and Humph?


I think he was in knip.


London Olympics 2020??


I’m still waiting for my copy of the rules. I sent in a stamped self-addressed envelope and everything.