Child almost wins balance bike race but is having too much fun to care


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Smart kid. The race ain’t over until he crosses. Go back and do it again.


I love how close he got to the line aaaannnnddd… we’re running it again!


It’s brilliant. I’d like to think I have something in common with that kid. I’ve always had an aversion to sports that only exist in a competitive context.This pretty-much includes all ball sports. I like sport as much as the next guy, but I really like the ones that are fun and satisfying to do without having to “beat” someone else. Running, cycling, kayaking, surfing and skiing are all favourites of mine. Of course, you can compete at these sports (and that’s just fine), but you don’t have to. You can participate and enjoy these right up to a very high-end “enthusiast” (even fanatical) level without ever once pinning on a number.




I played quite a lot of sports as a kid but never competitively. A lot of tennis, volleyball, mini-soccer, ultimate frisbee, street hockey, you name it. Casual pickup games can have some competitive edge to them but just fucking around and having fun was more satisfying than anything else.


Exactly. This track is not set up to look like you’re supposed to go past that finish line, since there’s a row of people standing right behind it.


If I reference The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, will anyone know what I’m talking about?


He was clearly waiting for the song “Intoxicated” by Martin Solveig & GTA to drop the bass, as it really is a great track and starts the party (they probably should have started the race at the bass drop to indicate to the kiddos “Go, go, go!”):


let me add “the goalie’s anxiety at the penalty kick” to the reference list


“Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter” by Handke? Count this up as one of the more odd references I saw on BB.


I have always found competing against myself (my past record) to be way more satisfying. That, and just plain old getting tired out and feeling that endorphin rush after a good workout/play session.


Or Wenders, who is slightly less obscure outside Germany…

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