WATCH: San Francisco tour bus guide's anti-Chinatown rant



I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.

Especially their food. Yummy!


Food can be (and usually is) good. But if the area is as noisy and busy as described, it will get to your nerves, food or not, if you are stuck with living there day by day, noisy morning by noisy morning.



I lived on the edge of Vancouver’s China town for about a year. It was loud (1st floor of my building had a bar/club) but after a month I got used to it. It was a price I gladly payed for the easy access to so much culture and activity just outside my door.

If someone is bothered by loud noises at all hours perhaps a dense urban center is not the best place to live.


Indeed, no one forced her to live there. There are plenty of quiet neighborhoods in SF, and reasonable commuting options if she was priced out of city. Chinatown has been a part of the city since 1848, should the neighborhood change for an intolerant SoCal transplant?


She mentioned economical factors (cheapest, apparently). And she moved away once she could.

She did not call for the 'hood to change. She just called it names after having too much of experience.

The video can be considered a nice, spirited (in both ways), viral-class warning for others to not have to repeat her experience by accident.

Or it can be taken as an outrage-of-the-day. It’s our choice.

A choice made less evident by the protagonist being a black female instead of a white male.

This was taken by a German tourist? Well f&#% Germany!

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I liked that lighting effect in the tunnel at the end. Would have made a great setting for a climactic fight sequence for the video.

The problem with our new Chinese overlords using food is twenty minutes later they need to overthrow us again.


This is America. We don’t eat turtles and frogs.

Obviously, she’s never been to Louisiana.


Americans DO eat turtles


Actually, you are inspiring me. I can see this as a niche format for tourist guides. Imagine this video sequence, appropriately adapted to all the parts of a city (or country) the bus is going through, equal-opportunity insulting every square foot of the visited areas.


Did you listen to her rant? F this, F that, how dare Chinese people cook strange foods like prawns which Americans don’t eat (yes, I guffawed at that one), complaining that they haven’t assimilated properly (using all the usual arguments I’m sure she’s heard made against her own population group). She was beyond unprofessional. There’s a way to handle your last day on the job, and that wasn’t it.


I thought she said prawns. Same difference, though.

♬ You get a line, I’ll get a pole, honey (honey)… ♬


If people signed up for that sort of tour – as opposed to finding themselves in one like that when they’d hoped for a more conventional tour – I’m sure they’d have a great time.

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How could that ever be taken as a quaint warning to prospective residents? It was a bus full of tourists, unlikely to be people searching out a place to live in SF.


Professional or not, it was pure comedy gold.

…and meanwhile the affected Chinese do not even take notice, and while we are raising another outrage on the Internet, they are spending the time towards better future.

The applause in the video suggests at least some enjoyed it greatly.

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The speech, no; that was a genuine drunk frustrated one. You are right there.
The resulting video, gone viral, yes. This is the part where I am right.

It is your choice to either fan up the outrage further or shrug it off with more or less amusement.

Sad, angry person squanders her fifteen minutes of fame on drunken, racist rant.



Well, I disagree. Racism isn’t funny. I didn’t think it was comedy gold when Michael Richards’ stand-up act included him yelling “He’s a nigger!” and I don’t think it would be funny if a NYC tour guide pulled a similar racist rant while pointing out the sights of Harlem.