Watch some trippy recent developments in datamoshing

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I’ve seen this technique before, I wasn’t aware it had a formal name.

Pnau has several music videos using distortions, Changa, and Solid Gold. There not exactly datamoshing.

Datamoshing seems to feature a harshness that isn’t going to have a wide appeal.

I love what I’d thought was named Glitch Art! I plan to do some, excited to read up on the latest techniques.

Subreddit for intentional glitching:
glitch_art: dedicated to the art of databending (!

Subreddit for found glitches:
Glitch art (

I like these 2 reaction images. the black guy is Q Tip in the “Buggin’ Out” video. I don’t know who the white guy is.
buggin glitch

this makes me miss all the acid I did in the 90’s. Is that impolitic to say?

Here is one feat. Alan Watts

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I’m a video content designer and here is my take:

Datamoshing is an apt description as it does what it says on the can.

Video compression that reduces file size, Mp4/H264 codec, will use I, B and P frames to reduce data file size. “I frames” are the whole image where as B and P frames are bidirectional and predictive frames respectively. So if you remove the I frames (which always occur on a cut from one video footage to the next) then the data gets corrupted as bi and predictive frames try to sort out what image should occur at any particular frame relative to where the I frame occured.

Essentially you are looking at the internal workings of the codec (compressor - decompressor).

This would be the digital equivalent to emphasizing scratches and dust on ‘film’ and vinyl recordings to convey a sense of the medium of production.

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This is one of my favorite examples of this genre, in long-form, with music that features a sort of glitchiness on par with the visuals. I’d heard videos like this were going to be produced for this entire Caretaker project, but I’ve only come across Stages 1 and 2, thus far.

Naturally. OK GO has had a shot at this genre as well…

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