Watch: Stan Lee on "To Tell The Truth" game show (1970)


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Start at 14:00 minutes if you don’t care about the palm reader.



Wait is Stan Lee #3 time traveling Drew Carey?


To Tell the Truth was a fun show, especially when Nipsey Russell was on.


In retrospect, all you had to do was listen to the voice when he introduced himself – it hasn’t changed a lot over the years.


How about Peggy (I think I got the name right?) crushing it with her questions though (even though she said she picked him because he was cute, instead of, “I picked him because my questions crushed and he was the only answer.”)? The other 2 pick were based on her questions. :slight_smile:


In those days, a woman couldn’t appear too intellectual or rational in her thought process. So she asked smart questions, and then she feminized her ‘reason’ for picking him.


Couple decades before, but my sister sent me this recently.


Yeah, that was horrific. And pretty much what I grew up with.



I kept looking at this figure trying to see where young Stan Lee could possibly be hiding.


And the smile.


Yeah, it was the voice that gave it away for me immediately when they said “I’m Stan Lee.” I’ve heard that voice far too many times in the last couple of decades to not recognize it even thirty years younger.


“I’m a hand analyst, not a fortune teller”


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