Watch Stewart Brand’s 6-Part Series How Buildings Learn

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Wow! I didn’t even know this existed. I really enjoyed the book c.20 years ago. Lost it and it was unavailable for years. I think, from reading Brian Eno’s a year with swollen appendices, something to do with a law suit from Richard Rodgers.

It’s funny, I always hated the Dead as a kid - I never trusted a capitalist hippy above all else - but I do often say to people that they were crucial in the development of web culture. A flippant remark.

And to go even further off topic I never actually listened to them (I heard the odd thing from them on the radio and it sounded like country rock, the Eagles or something, couldn’t understand the fuss) but after reading about dark star one too many times I listened to 20 versions of that back to back the other week. Pretty good.

Glad this is getting more airtime! I’m amazed at how many architect fail to learn from the past.

I didn’t even know this existed either despite reading Brands book multiple times and owning a 120 year old building myself and trying to apply some of his ideas. Awesome. I’ll have to set aside some time to watch it!

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