Watch stones fall like dominoes in this incredibly satisfying video


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I would have liked to see how the last stone was set up differently that allowed the reaction to run in reverse and seat the capstones flush.


My guess is that last stone just fell flat, allowing the second last one to then fall flat, and so forth back along the line. It could have also just fallen off the end.


I read “wait for it” and rolled my eyes.

I’m glad I waited for it. That was pretty cool.


Oh, wow. That was brilliant.

It’d be even better if this was an actual construction technique - that they were dropping into wet mortar - but I suppose that wouldn’t work.


I think that is it. But while fun, I assume this is a gimmick and not a helpful technique since the stones are all too close together to mortar in between.


Few people live up to their screen names as much as you do. Congrats!


So, are you saying you agree that there isn’t enough room between the bricks for mortar? :wink: :smiley:


Reluctantly, yes.

In my imagination they all patted each other on the back, popped open a few beers, and went home for the day.

Now I realize that they have to clean up their dumb mess.

kicks rocks


Not really trying to be cynical. When I saw the video a while ago I thought it might be fake until someone mentioned the flat brick thing and the geometry works. It was one of those cool rarities when what seems like a hoax turns out to be (fingers crossed) amazingly true, with a simple explanation - I do like when my skepticism turns out to be unwarranted :smiley: I’d also kind of hoped that they were doing some sort of cool time saving trick at the same time, though… Can’t have everything… :slight_smile:


When this was on Reddit, someone provided a gif diagram showing how when the final brick falls flat, it allows the penultimate brick to fall flat and then all the way back to the beginning


More satisfying with sound


“Satisfying” is a Digg descriptor


You forgot Spoiler Alert!


Credit reddit user mocmocmoc81:






(I should have thought of this already being a huge Andy Goldsworthy fan.)


I digg what your saying.


Nice try, but:

The first fall might just about qualify, with each block holding down its neighbour (here in Lancaster, within cycling distance of the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, I see a lot of walls with that kind of top), but not the second - they’d just slide off.



Or these guys.