Watch stones fall like dominoes in this incredibly satisfying video


Maybe, just maybe, we have rediscovered the lost techniques of the Incas’ megalithic structures!


Wherever you find that the predominant natural rock of the area is Limestone and the predominant occupation is farming you will find limestone fences assembled this way, courtesy of Irish stonemasons from 100 years ago. Very sturdy and very well built, literally last for decades. They do need maintenance, usually after a tree breaches them. The vertical stones are split using a hydraulic wedge (think log splitter) and the fence is created in rows that are stacked. Heavy manual labor in every stage, from hauling in the raw material to assembling the fences. Takes a while to complete as well.


Now wondering if you can build a wall with sugru mortar


Yeah, if I were paying them by the hour, I’d rather they just lay the stones flat in the first place.


Why is everyone calling them stones? They’re clearly concrete bricks.


Thing is they could’ve just set the cap bricks in their final position. Instead they placed each brick on its edge, carefully measuring the spacing between each. Hopefully the client never saw the video, because that’s an hour or two of wasted productivity.

More precisely, concrete masonry units (CMUs).


You’ll buy it but by the time you go to put it together all your Segru has gone off and is no good anymore.


It wasn’t set up differently.


This was an actual construction technique - they were dropping into wet mortar. Mud is attached to the capstones as they are set up…


These are cap stones. You really don’t want gaps between them.

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