Watch the Addams Family dance to Joy Division


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LOVE this!

I found this fun one recently featuring the Dirtbombs:


They was bust’n a move.


Well I’d have liked to see it but … a fucking Facebook link? No. Not going there. Anyone got links for “in the wild” videos of Joy Division being danced to?
Anyone know what they were dancing to originally?


Wednesday has the moves, fer sure. Here’s the original:




That canned laughter is the scariest part!

Also, should have been The Jam.


Oh, and because of course there is:



I dunno, I thought the original was pretty hot. Then again, she’s technically 25 years my senior. I was probably in kindergarten when we first met. * sigh *





Came here to express exactly this sentiment.

F Faceballs.


That’s like me watching my daughter do the floss.


In my defense, I looked for the video on Youtube. I could only find it on Facebook… and I had to make a choice of not posting it at all or using the FB link… so…!


Well, it IS a defence, I guess. :wink:
Credit for trying, for sure. Thanks.
Still not going there.
(An advance warning in the post, and getting your defence in first, may be worth it in future, perhaps.)


Yeah, I have the same complicated emotions about Wednesday from the films.

Also, YOWZA!, @Akimbo_NOT!


Love knows no age boundaries, at least so I’ve been told. I was pretty warm for Morticia myself.


Melissa Hunter will always be Wednesday Addams to me.