Watch the beauty of a Lego Porsche 911 crashing in slow motion


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talk about crumple zones


That driver is not walking away from that.


Made me think of the ol’ Spy Hunter for some reason.

I’m most curious as to whether any of the Lego pieces actually snapped in the aftermath.

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My Lego insurance adjuster isn’t going to be happy about this.


“Crumple Zone” must be the name of a Demolition Derby Event.


Do be fair the driver didn’t walk into it either


Cannot stand that “cutting to the downbeat” of the Blue Danube Waltz, though. Let me watch the damn crash! Don’t keep cutting away every few seconds.


That I still didn’t get the mail telling me that I won the Porsche bothers me.

The smash: not so much. Not a single brick was harmed, I reckon.


Air bags failed to deploy.


Alas, while most of the debris is just undamaged parts flying away, at least some parts in the left front suspension got damaged beyond repair… (at least that’s what I think it says, I must admit that my German is a bit rusty)
Have a look at this picture:

More info (in German):


Your German is quite good, if you can translate Vorderradaufhängung without looking it up. =D

FTR, this is a typical “Lego Technik” problem, as the depicted facebook post said. And I, for one, wouldn’t call this a brick. I am fairly flexible in my definition of a Lego brick but not so flexible as to admit I would be wrong… :wink:


More importantly, building Lego is not a team exercise.



Reminds me of a Transformers movie. Just needs a little lens flare…


Still would probably get a half-decent IIHS rating though.

They’d just make a category for this car specifically. Like they do with every new model-year.

“Best in class”


Ah the irony of filming something that happens in an instant of a second in slow motion so that you can watch it properly and then fast cut editing it so that you can’t.


I found this to be unreasonably upsetting.


Me as well. Somehow I feel empathy for plastic bricks.


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