Watch The Daily Show's Women's History Month calendar montage...of recent acts against women

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Made me sick to my stomach watching that. What Women have to go through on a daily basis, for life, what the f@ck is wrong with men?


George Carlin gives a good theory:


100% accurate.


It would be nit picking to point out that in Fury Road Max rejects toxic masculinity, along with Nux, because ultimately toxic masculinity negatively affects men as well as women but otherwise it works quite nicely.

The male is a biological accident: the y(male) gene is an incomplete x(female) gene, that is, has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion… To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.

So for what it’s worth, my daughter and my friends with primary school age kids all agree that schools are way better about this than when we were kids (also kids entertainment). It’s not 100% sunshine and butterflies and I’m sure there is considerable variation, but overall education seems to be much better now than 30-40 years ago. However, many kids are getting a full time, 1:1 home course in “don’t listen to those schoolteachers, you gotta grow up to be a real man”


IIRC, whomever made that video chose to use Fury Road for precisely that reason; it’s inherently female centric.


That’s a fair point but i guess my pedantry got the best of me because they were using the Max scenes and poor old Nux to illustrate those points when those two characters reject all that stuff. They could have used scenes with Immortan Joe to better get the point across i think. It’s why i love the film though, you can really delve deep into these themes if one wishes.

Seriously, though; here’s the first of several vids that break down the trope of toxic masculinity in violent films, and how FR defies and/or subverts them without losing any of the impact that makes it such a successful action film:


It would be helpful for the titles of posted geoblocked clips to be posted so the people outside the US can search for the same clip elsewhere.

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This is really key. Schools can only do so much. And your kids inherit lousy culture form poorly
-parented other kids at school.

You work super hard to teach your son to be respectful to others and embrace those who are different… then they make friends with the kid at school who only cares about playing with guns and starting fights because that’s what his insecure father taught him, and it all goes to hell. All you can do is hope your messages at home sink in for when he’s older and cares less about what the kids on the playground think of him. Peer pressure is a hell of a drug, though.


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