Watch the epic timelapse pixel battle of Reddit's r/place

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Huh. Apparently one of Canada’s provinces is the Winnipeg Jets.

I’m going to have to remember that.

…And, of course, Québec had to take a place both as a province of Canada and apart from Canada.

Also unsurprising: the Leafs logo is over twice as large as the Habs logo.

Other notes:

  • …How the heck did a quote from Ep. III end up taking up so much space? I mean, sure, it wasn’t Ep. I, but still!
  • Cool Stark vs. Lannister emblems
  • I love the Place Hearts
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Cool somebody’s repping Rocket League!

Wasn’t there a site back in the 90s that sold itself pixel by pixel?


I was actually involved with this over the weekend, and found it utterly fascinating how it evolved over time.

The art itself was cool to see develop, but what I found really astounding was how this system of total anarchy - where any one user could add or undo the work of any other (albeit, extremely slowly), with no laws or oversight beyond “you can place one pixel every 5 minutes” - formed not just democratic governing bodies, but a full-on United Nations-esque government.

Users banded together to form little democratic units around their shared, self-identified, cultures. Diplomats from the various factions negotiated for territories and collaborations. There was a general assembly to discuss art ideas and proposals. Peace keeping units were formed to help prevent vandalism and discourage aggression. There was arbitration and dispute resolution.

And it functioned. It was imperfect, and it relied solely on Discord servers, but it fuctioned.

Some sociology major is going to do their thesis on this, and it will be an epic read.


A bunch of dudes promoted brands, memes, national flags, video games, and the Mona Lisa. That’s the modern internet in a nutshell. :slight_smile:

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Was pleased to see that Pepe got obliterated fairly early on, but the dickheads managed to partially deface the gay pride flag before the experiment ended.


Yes the Million Dollar Homepage sold pixels for $1 each.


“cleaned and repaired version” (1000x1000, you may need to open image in a window)


Still looking, haven’t found Waldo yet. Back to searching…


After they publish a scholarly article on The Button, of course.


Oh, he’s there. Next to the single pixel I added.

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I’m just happy seeing the Windows 95 start button in its proper place.


Fuctioning is what the US government is up to these days.

I was tickled to spot the NIИ logo :grin:

I remember another version of this back at least 5+ years ago…

The assumption of invalidity of the void is total bullshit.


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