Watch the first iPod Commercial from 2001

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Interesting… Propellerheads is the band… Apple terminates an iconic product… “History Repeating”…


What other iconic product have they ever discontinued? LaserWriter?

(I spose Newton was “iconic”, but it was an icon of commercial failure more than anything)

If you need to give that old iPod a new home or something I would gladly take it off your hands. :slight_smile:

And thanks for sticking Take California in my head.

The Apple II, the last being the IIGS. The Apple II adapter card for the Macintosh LC does not count.

For some, the Xserve was iconic, but hardly well known outside of geeky circles.

All of the Mac models discontinued under Steve Jobs’ return do not meet the “iconic” standard.

Absolutely incredible how style in everything has effectively just stopped. Imagine it’s 1970 and we’re looking back at an ad from 1950—the differences in technology, fashion, music, interior decorating… Or in 1990 looking back at 1970.

Now here’s a 21-year-old commercial, and except for the tech being dated (and even then, not jarringly dated; I still use earbuds like that sometimes), that looks and sounds like it could have been shot last week.

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