Watch the Hindenburg disaster unfold

I had never seen the recent cgi version of the crash from the 2011 series Hindenburg: The Last Flight until recently [edit - not Timeless (2016); I was misled as I wrote this]. Some elements of the exterior of the crash do look realistic, but since I’ve never been aboard an airship, the interiors look to be complete fantasy to me. I can’t recall if this clip was recently shared here at BoingBoing or in the BBS, but FWIW, here it is again:

I’m assuming there was a 2011 movie called Hindenburg since its labeled as such but cause you mentioned Timeless I kept expecting actors from that to show up. my mistake I guess.

I am shocked… shocked! I tell you, that a show about a time traveling rothchild illuminati family is complete fantasy.

but no seriously they ran with some plots that were historically accurate for the first half of the first season then they had mistakes happen with their heroics that made the world a different place. it became a plot point and became an interesting idea because it freed them from having to be historically accurate to the point that you never knew what would happen. Timeless wasn’t half bad, even if the Hindenburg was the smallest of guest stars.

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I was misled… I think it was from Hindenburg: The Last Flight (2011), not Timeless (2016). Let me correct that…

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