Incredible timelapse of Dubai skyscraper in flames


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Had to fix the title. As far as I know, “Dubia” is just one of my nicknames, and not a place.


Beautiful and crazy all at once.


Can’t view it at work. Still - what a catastrophe.

ETA - saw it. Wow. How did they put it out? Just good old fashion hose and water?


I read there were no fatalities. That hardly seems possible, but incredible if true.


Amazing - the speed plus the soundtrack make this absolutely seem like a little scale model.


The giant flying embers make it look like a small scale model too.


That fire is massive. How’d it get so big? Does the building have no built-in fire suppression at all? It’d seem just… insanity to build something like that in such a way that it could catch on fire so catastrophically. Must have been something like a gas mains fire if the building did have sprinklers and such.


I’m wondering if the building is now toast and needs to be demolished, or whether it can just be fixed.

How do they know what temperatures the frame was subjected to…?


I’m curious too. Anyone a firefighter or a forensics person here?


wow, this gives me a great idea for a movie. Some people are caught inside this big skyscraper as it catches fire and the diverse group have to learn to work together to get out.

The title should emphasize the size of the building, how it towers above the landscape, and the hellish heat of the fire that consumes it - a heat inferno-like in it’s all-consuming aspect.

I’m thinking it should be called “The Big Building that burned very badly!”


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How do they know what temperatures the frame was subjected to…?
I’m curious too. Anyone a firefighter or a forensics person here?

I’m sure we have some conspiracy theorists who would like to weigh in…


Not interested. I’m interested in science. Not conjecture.


This actually reminds me of a conversation with @shaddack a couple of years ago:

I’m not an expert, but I play one on the internet.


You could have little morality plays inside it too. Like people having extramarital affairs getting all burnt up,


The exterior cladding (other than the windows) on these buildings is some version of this:

Insulating foam with (usually) an aluminum facing on both sides. The foam may be up to an inch thick or more depending on the R-value (insulating value) they are going for. What is happening is that they’ve been using a type of foam that is not fireproof, and then failing again by not installing fire-stops along the way up the face of the building. The combination of those two details create a chimney effect once a fire gets started at a lower level.

The question of how a metal-faced building gets set on fire from the outside is something that needs investigating. Aluminum has a low melt-point but it still takes a somewhat deliberate set of events to get a fire that hot started against a metal wall in an urban setting.


I haven’t seen it, but I think that is basically the plot of Towering Inferno. With OJ Simpson!


That would be the joke, son!


I assumed it was old enough kids wouldn’t know what it was.


Given the climate, I wonder if they get a sunlight focusing effect from all that aluminum sheeting. I wonder if the building could set things on fire.