9/11 Truthers are still at it about Building 7

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God, get over it or at least keep it to yourselves!!!


That’s the last thing we need right now.


There’s no toilet paper or pasta but surprisingly there’s still tin foil for hats.




I hope Weird Al watches his back!



Oh man. Those guys again… They really should know better.
I regard them as a disgrace for my profession.


I don’t know about building 7 theories, but have you seen the maps of the latest chem-trails? They started in China near a black-site known to house Illuminati researchers, then the trails spread on deep-state sponsored plane routes. The only place they didn’t hit was Antartica because of the secret underground bunkers there where the rich plan to wait out the coming E.L.E.!


I’ve still never been able to get a coherent answer from a 9/11 Truther about one of the most central logical holes in their premise: Even if we conceded that the government had a motive to blow up the WTC and blame foreign terrorists, why use explosives to destroy the buildings but make it appear that airplanes were responsible?

If someone was planning to frame foreign nationals for the attack, then the logical options would be to either

  1. Use explosives to blow up the buildings (as was attempted in 1993) and then blame the terrorists for the bombing, or
  2. Use airplanes to destroy the buildings and blame the terrorists for the hijackings.

Nearly two decades later I have yet to hear one person articulate why anyone would use (1) but create the appearance of (2). Even by the standards of whackadoodle conspiracy theories, that would be incredibly stupid. More than double the effort and risk of exposure for no conceivable benefit whatsoever.


I watched a show about a kid who lost family in the towers and spun out into a conspiracy-obsessed hermit. It was mostly about family & surviving trauma, redemption, emotional arcs etc, good show.

Of course, there were also the parts where the kid talks about his unanswered questions and doubts, and since the whole show was supposed to make you feel for this family, he wasn’t just screeching - a lot of the questions were genuinely troubling. The bit that haunts me is the discussion of how quickly & cleanly the towers came down - not in stages, no twisting, just…from 100+ stories to 0 in a few seconds.

I usually joke about how “Clearly, they lost all their hit points. Haven’t you ever played a video game?” but the image of that scared, broken kid trying to make sense of the those seconds…that’s gonna be with me a while. I got some empathy for these folks, I guess.

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More importantly, these guys are still around and still doing great work for those afflicted by the destruction of the towers


It’s all down to the construction techniques used in the Trade Towers, where the major load bearing was carried by central columns with the floors cantilevered off of them. While they were strong enough to sustain damage caused by the impacts, once the coatings applied to avoid damage through a regular fire were compromised by the immense energy of the impacts, the heat from the fires was more than enough to cause the columns to weaken to the point they couldn’t support the weight of the undamaged building above, at which point Newton has his way and a progressive collapse ensues, which is unstoppable.
If the planes had impacted close to the tops of the towers, I reckon the collapses wouldn’t have occurred.
Same with Tower 7.
It all boils down to the construction designs of the time not anticipating high-speed jets carrying thousands of gallons of avgas impacting at several hundred knots.
I’m not an architect or structural engineer, but I am capable of reading a considered analysis and being able to understand exactly what happened at the time, and not blaming the govmint, the FBI, NSA, CBS, BBC, KGB, Illuminati, HM The Queen of England or our Lizard Overlords.
I wouldn’t put it past that conniving bastard Trump as a way to manipulate the markets for his own gain, however.


Could just be an unplanned coincidence.


Exactly. My read on why so many people have a hard time accepting this reasoning, is that intuitively - watching the videos, it just doesn’t appear to make sense with regard to the way physical objects that we’re familiar with (as human-sized-creatures) behave. People and lots of animals are generally excellent estimators of ballistics and leverage forces etc. - at scales that are near our own (thanks evolution). Similarly we’re remarkably poor estimators of physics at length and mass scales as things expand beyond some point. The idea that all that material could simply fall through the material below it as though it wasn’t there seems inconceivable until the true forces involved are appreciated.


One of my fav Weird Al jamz of all time!


If someone was personally impacted by it, I can certainly see them trying to find something, anything, that explains it. Even if that doesn’t completely jive with abject reality but it makes them feel better.

My issue is when you have people like Mr. Gay Frogs coming along and going after the people affected as if he has any grounds whatsoever to even breathe a word to them. These people that are part of this group are not victims - they are already lost people who need serious help.


Then enjoy this, too:


Awesome! I missed that when it came out, and had totally forgotten about that song. I love how he did the show in a robe!

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Why not use 1 with the knowledge that 2 was going to occur? That’s how I’ve seen it explained. From the general things I know of this conspiracy idea, Building 7 housed a great deal of gold being held for various nations. Amazingly the building gets destroyed and no one mentions the gold. But hell if I know or care to even look into any of it. Plus if you already have knowledge that 2 is going to happen, how far does that scenario need to progress to achieve a full on governmental response. If the Twin Towers never fell would we have the security theater that we have today?

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Intelligence failures + Ideology does NOT equal Conspiracy.

Conspiracies are exciting but 99.9% of them are simple fuck-ups.


Office furnishings can’t melt steel beams!