Amazing fire rescue


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EDIT: Well, that’s seriously annoying, it seems that linking youtube videos in comments doesn’t work either. Let’s try this.

Here’s the direct video link, I’m sad you forgot it Rob:

Also, why does this page require script from just for a YouTube video?


Of course, you can just click on the YouTube logo in the player when you hover over the video to view it on the YouTube page (the reason that Youtube videos in comments auto-embed is so that people can watch a video that somebody links to, without having to leave the page/conversation).

OM-literal fucking-G. That builder’s got balls bigger than King Kong.

I hope it doesn’t turn out he was responsible for the fire.


there’s not enough info in the video. this happened in houston yesterday.


that construction worker was the only person on site when the fire broke out.

Must be from the US with all the “Thank God” and “Thank Jesus”. I say “Thank the fire brigade”!


Can Fireman Sam save Bob the Builder? Only with the help of Jaby Besus!

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Without wanting to turn this thread into an Argument On The Internet, that’s only true for some players. Firefox on Android, for example, has an especially annoying player and no easy way to get from there to the YouTube app, which is much better. A video link is useful in those cases.

That was super distracting. Don’t think I’ve ever heard the words “god” and “jesus” said so many times in such little time.

Great video though. Thank Jesus for smart phones.


Public Service Announcement: You can mute Youtube videos. This video has nothing of consequence on its audio track.


Touché - I only ever read BB on a desktop browser, as I hate trying to read the comment threads on my phone. That’s something I didn’t think about.

Edit for a comment on the video itself: I love the person at the end who’s like “Wait, what about that guy?” and they they say “Oh no, they rescued him” - I wonder where that person wandered off to while he was being rescued. To get more popcorn maybe?


Just to point out how quickly this fire went from “fire” to “structural collapse.” When the fire alarm goes off and everybody clears out and says “well that was a mistake, there wasn’t a big fire.” I say "That wasn’t a mistake, it functioned EXACTLY as intended, getting people out BEFORE everything gets all life and death.


That construction worker was definitely not the only person on site. It was a fully active construction site.

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i think that would be suspicious, too. but i’m just reporting what i heard from people who are involved.

And thank Jesus for that as well.


Thank FK they didn’t start the USA USA USA chants.


Construction site, sawdust, power tools - a saw blade sparks against a screw, a dull drill bit heats some wood to smoldering. Lots of was a fire can start on a construction site without anyone being negligent.


They always warn that fire can spread rapidly, it’s quite another to watch it happen in real time.

It’s pretty nuts how it was about two minutes from “yeah that’s a big flame, get some water on it and that guy should be fine” to “walls are literally falling over.”


Or a cig butt thrown down carelessly…

And they will literally have to start over from the beginning, because the heat of the fire will compromise the integrity of the foundation, so it will have to be removed.