Watch the "In & Of Itself" documentary

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I’ve heard a lot about this and while i would have loved to have seen it in person i just never had an opportunity, i’m happy to hear that the documentary does a decent job at capturing what made it special and i will check it out when i have a chance :slight_smile:


how appropriate is this for younger viewers? sounds like something I might like watching with the family


I haven’t heard anything about the show being inappropriate, but i have heard that it can be rather emotional. Hopefully someone here has seen it and can give some color?


Yes, the show is great (both live and the movie). As to being watched by younger viewers: depends on how young and/or mature. The view can be an emotional experience, as Delgaudio shares the personal story about discovering his mother being gay (and the problems it entailed). So, nothing “inappropriate” from my POV. but the story is moving (in a beautiful way). My 2 cents.


Oh I really want to see this! I loved his show Nothing to Hide with Helder Guimarães but missed this one during its theatrical run (it was way too hard to get tickets!).

If I buy a ticket for this, is there a way to stream it using a Roku? I’d much rather watch it on my real TV than on a computer screen but the website doesn’t have any “how to watch” FAQ or anything like that. Sadly not sure I’ll have time to watch it before 11/19 anyway. But just in case…

[edited to add:] There IS a FAQ, and sounds like there’s a way to do it on Roku. Yay!


well crap. Just tried to buy a ticket and stream it but they apparently limited the number of streams so it is “Sold Out”.

Hopefully it’ll see a disc release some day. I never go around to watching it myself

On one hand I’m unhappy I can’t watch it “right now”.
On the other hand, the fact that it is “Sold Out” is a good thing for the film.
Also, credits say HULU is the Distributor so I’m going to guess this may be available there in the future.


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