Watch: The Magic of Oz, the "worst cartoon ever"?


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ya, its bad.


bad but definitely not the worst… however my foray into awful cartoons is not near the depths of my awful cinema watching.


There’s no Wikipedia page for the cartoon, but there is a page for Baum’s book of the same title. No idea if they’re related, or if it’s like the James Bond movies, which share titles with Fleming’s novels and nothing else.

Oo! I have a candidate for worst anime ever made here somewhere…


Inexplicable rotoscoping at 4:07


Yeah, and less than 2 seconds of it. Maybe they just used that opportunity to practice their rotoscoping skills; nothing else was working, so…


Korean Tron


That is really, really odd.

There are some really arty things at times, like the ripples in the stream. But weird bland faces with clunky cheerful expressions.

Could it be a dubbed and re-credited Eastern European film? The Russians really loved the Oz books and made their own sequels and perhaps they made cartoons as well.

Far from the worst cartoon ever.


The worst cartoon ever is Trump’s presidency


They most definitely only share a title!

I’ve only seen freeze-frames of this short before… it’s notorious among Oz fans for being an inexplicable, mysterious steaming pile.

“Hey Fred, do you know how to animate someone bending over?”
“Nah. I just make people blink a lot.”
“Yeah, me neither. Hey, let me film you bending over and I’ll just draw Dorothy over it.”
“Sounds legit.”


Two words: Clutch Cargo.


If you think that’s the worst, then you’ve never watched Clutch Cargo.


Get out of my HEAD!


I maintain the Russian movie of Treasure Planet from 1982 is the worst. While the animation isn’t as inept as this, it is far more bizarre, and the jokes and timing just fall so flat. It’s bewildering because the animator obviously intended for things to look like they do, but WHY? Why do characters look like that? Why do they move like that?! What’s happening?!

Just skip around and you’ll understand.


Yeah, I know! Like 4 frames! Like they couldn’t get the motion right, and decided to rotoscope it, but gave two fucks for the rest of it.


I skipped around and kinda dug it… it is pretty fucking weird.


Oh thank’s for reminding me that I have some Gundam ripoff Joseph Lai film sitting around my mom’s place. Now that
is something I should rip and YTpoop.


Remember this one, with Michey Mouse from Hell?


This cartoon demonstrates that it took about 15 years for bootleg copies of Yellow Submarine to be smuggled throuh the iron curtain.


Yes, it has a strong SovBloc vibe.