Watch: The music video for Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Immigrants' from 'The Hamilton Mixtape'

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This video is an American Know-Nothing’s nightmare: a hip-hop music video inspired by Broadway musical and spread through West Coast elite technology featuring African-American, Latinx, and Muslim artists that calls out exploitative capitalists as enablers and reminds the listener about actual American history and ideals. And it’s catchy and fun. Perfect.


It was powerful and thought-provoking. I know there’s no hope the creeps up on Capitol Hill will ever get it, but this ought to make an impression on the younger generation. I’ll show it to my 13 year old this afternoon.


Damn good track. The visuals felt like a little nod to Snowpiercer with the well used trains. And that scene with the sweatshop turning out flags. I am slain. Metaphor mastery in flow right there.

I may look like part of the problem, but you will see me at the barricades, brothers and sisters. I’ll be the one listening.

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Holy shit. I didn’t even realize who Riz MC was until I watched the video.

That makes that bit about “to a galaxy far from ignorance” even better imho.

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Riz Ahmed is a Midas: everything he touches turns into solid gold.

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