Watch the new kings of Venice Beach basketball

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this Masked Singer thing has gone too far


These are Lakers in disguise having a lark, right? Those are expensive outfits and they royally school the other players.

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There’s no indication of when this was filmed but I’m guessing Warner Brothers paid some professional or semi-pro players to do this as a viral marketing stunt for Space Jam 2?

ETA: Google turns up earlier videos of these folks taken last year around the time the movie came out. They also put up a “Space Jam”-themed mural. So definitely paid players doing a marketing stunt.


Damn Furries.

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They make me want to dribble.

These are competent ball-players who probably played at a high level in highschool, maybe walked on and played in college. Presumably if they were even semi-pro they’d be doing some next level skills, and it would look a lot faster.

Actual pros would be A.) a LOT taller, and B.) not need to play against a couple of regular dads to look good.

The most impressive thing is that they can still do pretty good ball-handling and shooting while wearing gloves. They either spent a lot of time practicing with them on, or else have some special hand-covers that still let you feel the ball.

These are essentially the same guys you see at halftimes in college bball doing the acrobatic dunks off trampolines, sometimes wearing customes then, more often not.

So, technically pro basketball players but not NBA level.

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