Watch the Rolling Stones arranging and recording Sympathy for the Devil

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Legends of Music desperately needs a proofreader on staff.



I haven’t had the time but I look forward to checking out some of these:




I think the film as a whole* is great, but admittedly the non-Rolling Stones sequences won’t generally appeal to music fans. Here’s the trailer for the curious:

*Well, I’ve only seen the producer’s edit, which shortened the film by about ten minutes and added the finished song to the end against Godard’s wishes. These edits inspired Godard to assault the producer opening night.


“Sympathy” has long been among my most-favorite Rolling Stones songs, but the Laibach version has also long been my favorite cover of it.


Baudelaire for example compares the life of Jesus Christ with that of an artist in Soviet Russia, against the backdrop of arbitrary attest and psychiatric hospitals.

Baudelaire died in 1867, decades before Soviet Russia existed. “The Legends of Music”, whoever they are, apparently can’t be bothered to do basic fact checking.


The problem isn’t so much fact-checking as proofreading, I think. That’s a description of Bulgakov’s work, more or less.


Laibach can take an ordinary song and turn it into a wagnerian epic!


I gracefully submit this is a better song, especially the guitar solo that kicks in at round the 4.20 mark…

can’t you hear me knocking


I edited a “The Good Parts” version of this movie onto a DVD years ago - the non-Stones parts are unwatchable, IMHO

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Yea, that’s one of my all time favorites.
When the Stones played Petco in 2015, that was a highlight. Ronnie killed the solo. Also awesome to see local star Karl Denson on sax for them. He’s been touring with the group for years now. I’ve probably seen Tiny Universe live more than any other band. Well over a dozen times at Belly Up.


Karl recorded an album with an old roommate of mine’s band, The Greyboy Allstars. I was happy to see him get the Stones gig.

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More than one, I believe.
I’ve seen them at the Belly Up, too. Missed them last time around.
I took this at one of their shows.

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Love that song, always felt like it got short shrift in the Rolling Stone canon. But it is nice to have some songs of theirs that didn’t get overplayed.

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Mine too, partly because it is indelibly linked in my mind with an evening that I spent on the floor from too much weed with this on loop in my head- at one point the narrator talks about marijuana and one’s sense of time, which I couldn’t stop thinking about as I was contemplating why it felt like the night was stretching forever. The version I always listened to I’d taped it off the radio so this remix is the version I always think of-

I’ve heard the same but am still curious to see them. I expected the non-Stones bits to be a dated curio.

Excellent song, great post. Be sure to report those dodgy links in the comments.

Precisely my sentiments.

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used to live with a guy who worked on the chelsea embankment next door to mike jaggers place… can’t remember if he said he ever saw her or him…