Watch the short film adaptation of William Gibson's "The Gernsback Continuum"


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Maybe toss a quick lil “NSFW” on there. Even digitally-distorted porn boobs are still porn boobs - sound and all.


Didn’t know I was getting some sexy sexy on that clip…


Didn’t realise this was out there. Great location work in it. Thanks.


Baby’s got Gernsback.


I loved this short story, but I found the film vague and confused.



Done! Thank you.


I like their choice of title!


Neat! I had no idea they ever did an adaptation of the story - and with young Colin Salmon, no less!
I note they left out the scene where the roadway turned into a futurist nightmare, but shooting in England, I suppose that really wouldn’t have worked, given the lack of insane American freeway interchanges.


We have our moments. :wink:


Pffft… amateurs.


Ah, but you see, the true wonder of the Gravelly Hill Interchange is that it includes a canal and a railway :wink:


But in the Gernsback Continuum, the railway would be a monorail, and the canal would be busy with hydrofoils.


Patzers. The Springfield Mixing Bowl shall rule over all!

Hey, snakes gotta have sex somewhere, right…?__

I was once driving through the mixing bowl, and my GPS just…gave up, and said (pretty much word-for-word) “There is no route to your destination” o.O’ . That was a bit…disconcerting. It doesn’t help that there are multiple, branching express lanes as well, some of which run THE OPPOSITE WAY at certain times (so you see exits into the normal lanes that face your direction, but are closed off with automated barriers). Disorienting madness!


I realised that I had somehow slipped into the Fleming/Broccoli Continuum sometime around the invasion of Iraq, when it was revealed that Saddam Hussein’s yacht had a mini-submarine installed. After that I became aware of North Korea’s submersible speedboats deployed from fake trawlers with huge clamshell doors fitted to their sterns. Since then it has only gotten worse. (The porn they have here doesn’t help at all.)


These are all truly wondrous feats of engineering, but for true confusion, only two dimensions are required.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Swindon’s Magic Roundabout:

The theory:

The reality:


Truly a nightmare, albeit not a futurist one.


OK, you win, I cannot argue with empirical fact. By the way, have you put the designer through rehab yet?


Well, he just forgot to tell what it was for : it’s to allow cars coming off from ferries from France to switch from the right to the left side of the road (and vice-versa).

It actually is quite a nice feat of mathematical logic transcribed into the real world.