Watch the SpaceX splashdown, NASA's first recovery at sea since 1975

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Something I haven’t seen since 1972, when I watched the last of the Apollo missions splash down as a very young boy. Really, really cool. I may not be a fan of Musk and his shitty tech bro attitude, but the Space X team is doing wonderful things despite him.


Absolutely amazing stuff.

In the early part of the video, I kept unconsciously moving my mouse to try to shift the reticule from the middle of the shot.

I like the little animated NASA Logo with the orbiting line


This, a thousand times this. Also applies to Tesla, to a degree.Elon’s companies succeed despite him.


And of course, Florida Man had to endanger the safe recovery by photobombing the scene with a huge Trump banner (and getting between the recovery boats and the capsule while doing so).


The title is incorrect.

This is America’s first recovery at sea since 1975.

SpaceX provided the vehicle, the launch and the recovery ships (except for the lunatic trump boat).

NASA provided the astronauts.

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And paid the fare.

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