Watch the trailer for HBO's "The Plot Against America" miniseries debuting 3/16/2020

I would certainly put my feet up and binge watch idea 1

Good to know, thanks. Makes my day to know his reputation lives on.

Smedley Butler is not exactly Forbidden Knowledge, but neither is he commonly known, in my experience.

A good man who challenged corrupt authority, who could not be bribed or blackmailed or intimidated into playing along… small wonder he doesn’t get the historical recognition he deserves.


The Iron Dream is a Lone Wolf of a book – it stands apart – majestic, magisterial, over-awing all it deigns to survey – impossible to ignore – impossible to resist – impossible to embrace.

Harlan put is best:

“The stunned reader can only gasp in wonder!”

Now I must dig my copy out of storage and re-read it after all these years, damn the luck.


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