Watch the trailer for The Man in the High Castle

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1st episode was very good, I have my fingers crossed to the next installment.


I’m glad I still have Prime. I’ll say that.

Ooooh, and it’s a series, not a movie! This looks awesome.

Also, not mentioned in the post - the pilot and second episode will be available to view, for free, this weekend:

Looks like it’s going to be region locked to the US and UK this weekend though. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll show up on the torrent sites in no time.

i really enjoyed the first episode, and have not read the book.


I rather got the impression that it was (like most PKD adaptations) not going to be a faithful adaptation anyway, so we probably couldn’t anyway.

It’s been a veeery long time since I read the book, I can hardly remember it anyway.

I also really enjoyed the pilot. This might be the first serial TV drama I watch in years.

Restrained? Does that mean no explosions? What the hell kind of movie doesn’t have explosions?

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I read the book recently, after watching the pilot. It’s definitely very different, but not in a bad way. I think the series has the potential to be something really special, in the spirit of PKD if not the letter.

The novel (in my very humble opinion), is one of PKD’s worst, and is not remotely as interesting as it sounds.

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I’m reading the novel now. I really want to get through it so I can watch the first episode.

I read the novel so long ago I couldn’t tell how faithful episode one was, save for the hint that there was something …


Folks who enjoy this topic might also want to check out the Philip Roth book “The Plot Against America” - NY Times Book Review

Read the book ages ago, and like many Dick novels, it doesn’t quite follow-through on the tremendous setup he lays out. Still, it is an enjoyable read. The weirdest part is how the characters use the Chinese book I Ching to divine future events. I’ll bet that’s not included in the series.

My favorite of his books still remains the odd Confessions of a Crap Artist, one of his first.

Interesting in this trailer that they have the repeated imagery of the paper crane carried through, just like in Blade Runner, another Ridley Scott PKD adaptation.

Does anyone know if this will be available for streaming in Canada? I know Shomi has picked up some Amazon Prime series in the past but I can’t see any mention of this one.

I know. The Palestinians are totally not mentioned.

Wait, hasn’t this series been out for a year or so? I definitely watched the first episode several months ago — it had good production values but appeared to have almost nothing to do with the book, so I lost interest.

(Honestly, 99% of PKD adaptations seem to be done using a game of telephone, where someone reads the novel but is only allowed to give a one-sentence plot synopsis to the actual screenwriter/director/producer. “Future guy has to hunt down androids that don’t feel empathy!” Or “Germany and Japan split the US after they win WWII and these guys in San Francisco read the I Ching a lot!” Granted, PKD had some great plot ideas, but it’s his characters that make the novels classics, and that part almost always gets lost. Only “A Scanner Darkly” really seemed to nail the characterization.)


The pilot was released in January. The rest get released on Nov 20th.

Wait . . . “The Nazis Won WW2”?!

Thanks a lot, Obama!


Just watched the pilot. Not bad! Suffers a bit from “everybody’s whispering all the time” syndrome, except then there’s REALLY LOUD GUNFIRE AND MUSIC. Aside from that, I enjoyed it. Gonna watch episode 2 tomorrow. Then I guess I’ll have to wait for the rest to get released.

Having read a fair amount of PKD - but certainly not all - I would say that the best choices for adapting to movies or other visual medium would be amongst his short stories. The best of those still tend to have some great ideas, details, and characters, but not so much happening that it needs massive retooling to fit in 90-120 minutes.