Watch the trailer for Jordan Peele’s horror film “Nope"

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Saw the one at the Super Bowl, and watched another one. Super intrigued.

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NOPE I will not watch the trailer! Trailers are spoilers imho


Best movie title ever.

I will definitely see this.


Looks AMAZING!!! NOPE = Not Of Planet Earth :sunglasses:


I found that more disturbing than the usual horror movie trailer, though part of that may be previous experience and expectation, knowing I’ll find the film significantly more disturbing than the average horror movie…

Though I have to say, having seen the trailer a few times now, I still have no idea what to expect from the movie itself. There’s a lot going on in it, and none of it adds up to a narrative.


I just don’t like even seeing scenes from the movie before seeing them in context.

Plus sometimes trailers have scenes that get cut from the movie, which is even worse

I didn’t even like DVDs that would weirdly show a few random seconds from the movie when you pressed “play”


Looks decent; will check it out.


I draw the line at trailers that reveal the entire plot of the movie, especially if they also include the big twists at the end of the film. I have actually seen a number of such trailers in recent years, though thankfully some only after having watched the movie. I watched them absolutely dumbfounded by what I was seeing. I remain absolutely dumbfounded that anyone thought that such trailers were a good idea, much less the multiple people who would have needed to sign off on them.

With regular trailers, I figure more will be spoiled by reviews and unavoidable online references and photos before I see it anyways. (There have been times when I actively avoided anything that might spoil a movie, only to open up, e.g. BoingBoing, and get a big fat photo from the movie that revealed key, spoilery plot elements. Because apparently the second a movie shows up on home video, the assumption is everyone has already seen it?) I actually like trailers with scenes that aren’t in the movie, as it then gives a sort of general impression of the film will be like without actively spoiling anything.


I’m with you, including the spoilers on disc menus. These days, one can ultimately infer the majority of a film - or at least the parts worth watching - from its trailers. Maybe not this one alone, but there’ll be more. In the case of “Nope,” blinders are at maximum.

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Working title: “Wait, What?”

Hate it hate it hate it!

Now they have quick preview clips from the preview BEFORE THE FUCKING PREVIEW I can’t even

Looking forward to the sequel Oh HELL Naw


Agreed. They should normalize movie trailers that don’t show actual scenes from the movie. From what I understand, a lot of the early Pixar movies did this. Here’s an example of the trailer for Monster’s Inc.

Then again, it probably works well for these type of movies since introducing new and unique characters is enough to picque your interest in the film.

Films aren’t merely about the destination, but primarily about the journey.

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Not merely about the hell, but primarily about the handbasket.

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