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Nope! I’m avoiding all advertising for this one. Still pissed I saw that image of the saucer.


I am ok with it. Generally I hate watching the trailers and learning from them because they over share, but this seems like it followed the best rules, less the showing of the UFO- but I think it needed it. I also needed to reply to you, but specifically I have spoiler tagged my reply so I don’t ruin what I saw in the trailer for you, 1000YearBan. So, don’t read my reply until after you have seen the movie, if you remember months from now.

Horror requires isolation- check. It may be more of a thriller if they can find a way to survive or perceive a difference between what they think it happening to them v.s. what is really happening to them.

Showing the UFO shows a connection to films and stories that created it- smooth, metallic it goes back to the earliest days of cinema sci-fi. It also is a single frame that evokes thoughts of abduction, with out showing a person being levitated away.

It frames the world that it will be in, as well as connects the creator to the very first film.

I think a little too much was shown. We know we are going to get modern day acoustic tropes, but we also see two small lights in the distance under a storm, so perhaps there is something very much like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, or perhaps something much the counter point to that and E.T. because of that of the seemingly friendly alien hand we saw. There are also some accidental or call backs to two obscure sci-fi films, The Alien Encounter c1980 (two films came out that year The Day Time Ended- riffed on by MST3K. Clearly, my brain is hoping for the best.

In this day where there is so much soulless sci-fi being produced, this trailer peeked my interest and raised my hopes.

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