Watch the Vlogbrothers argue about Batman in song


Hank makes some good points, but I’m still with John. If Batman ACTUALLY wanted to clean up Gotham, he’d pay more taxes and fix up the police department and improve the mental health care. But he’d rather play vigilante in his big playground than institute lasting change.

But, narrative requirements…and, like I said, Hank has some good points. :slight_smile:

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Have to start with how much I enjoyed watching it. There have been different versions of Batman over time. Often Bruce Wayne would take the roll of dealing with systematic failures while Batman dealt with the extraordinary criminals at night. How much of social agent depended on the time and the writer and editor. True, most of the time the comics don’t deal with the cause of crime but police corruption, poverty and mental illness (Arkham Asylum is never presented as a good place for people with ill mental health) is always there.

It’s only a comic book so I will avoid being sucked into a blackhole debate.

Well I think they’ve got Batman entirely wrong.

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