Watch the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" played by 15,000+ people


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Fifteen years from now:

Me: [puts on White Stripes album]
My kid: Hey, this is that song!
Me: It is. This is the original.
My kid: Why is there only one person singing?


At that scale I’m pretty sure more than seven nations are represented.


Me: Because this is what vocals sounded like before they sold out and got popular.


I’m going out to the shed and bang on those drums like it was the boss’s head.

Todd Rundgren


Goddam I love that song! Why wasn’t I there?


Well the last time I saw a fuckton of white dudes screaming and banging on shit was at the DNC…sorry



John Bonham would have dug that.


All those special snowflakes, trying to stand out with their special signature moves.
Some of them even get so into it that they miss the first few beats.


Awesome, another great post pesco!!!


I really liked their cover of “Learning to Fly” from last year, if only because there were a bunch more camera angles.

I wish something like this would come to my town, with a whole setlist of similarly sophomore-grade-difficulty songs to brush up on beforehand.

I couldn’t imagine a better-spent afternoon/evening.


All concert footage should shake with the drum kit.


I expect they’ll do it again next year. They were 1000 playing 1 song in 2015; 1200 playing 18 songs (!) this year; likely 1500 next year… Cesena is a shit town but nearby you have the sea and several historic Italian cities, so you can make it a holiday if you’re from abroad.


I saw a Japanese porn video once that riffed on this idea.

It was… wierd.


Eighteen songs?!

Setlist, please!


Here is Jack White on Conan talking (relatively normally!) about how he likes that Seven Nation Army is becoming a folk song.

Also included: a huge boat playing the riff.


It’s refreshing to see a successful musician not being an ambivalent grumpy old man towards his fans.


Holy shit, how did I miss all this?



Excellent! Thanks.