Watch the world record stone skipper hit 88 skips


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WOW. That really makes me want to go skip some stones. I think I threw a party with myself when I hit seven. (It’s still usually three)


I’m happy when I get as many as 1.


I once skipped a stone one time that must have weighed three pounds. Or there was a fish jump (and fish concussion) at the same time.


Before I believe this was achieved fair and square I want to see the doping test results of the stone.


I see what you did there.


Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an ship-shattering kaboom!



I spent an evening skipping stones on the Russian River with friends. The next day I could barely move my arm. Truth is, I’d been slowly building up bursitis in my shoulder, but that put it over the top: it’s been four or five years now, and nothing I’ve done has fixed it. </bitteroldman>


What time did you go to at 88? :wink:


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