Watch these cute Barn Owls learn how to fly for the first time


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That video made my morning. Seeing her land on the picture frame gave me a chuckle.


Shudder! Wild animals in people’s homes? Not a good idea. Obviously, this is in Britain; it wouldn’t be allowed in some other countries (Canada, for example).

Wild animals need to be rehabilitated by organizations that specialize in this work. Search the 'Net for your local wildlife rehab center.


Definitely a good point. These guys should not be pets.

OTOH these aren’t pet owners—they are professional wranglers who raise and train birds for TV. I’d trust them more than I would a typical family to care for wild owls.


Why should we give a hoot? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure who in our area would be qualified to raise an orphaned barn owl. If I found one, my only option seems to be the animal shelter, and I don’t know if they would be able to take one from ball o’ fluff to ready to care for itself.


I find owls to be one of the very few types of animals that are far cuter as adults than as juveniles.


I love critters.

Please let them fly freely.


I had a neighbour who raised birds of prey - he had a barn owl, an eagle owl, a pair of kestrels.

I was a kid, at the time but I remember taking the barn owl down to the fields when it was a juvenile bird and flying it. Lots of fun.

Sad ending to the story, someone broke into his garden and killed all of the birds except the eagle owl.


That’s a stinker and I hope they caught the rat bastard who did it. One can hope that the eagle owl, even if only a juvenile, gave them much more of a handful than they were expecting.

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