Watch these DIY-ers send a donut to the edge of space



Seeing the jet contrail, far below them, really set the scale in a way I’ve never seen. And then falling through that same cloud; Perfect!

Life imitates art:


And it landed where? In fucking Åmål.

Oh… “edge of space” meaning the edge of our atmosphere, not “the outer limits of the universe”. Slightly less impressive.

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We had permission do this, do not try to do this without a permit.

Are you implying that I should not own the airspace above my house?

Beautiful little film. Thanks for sharing. Love the doughnut!

If you can get the balloon to stay exactly in your airspace… well, not even then.

Eventually, owners property rights in the airspace where limited to what they could reasonably use. It would be impractical for the development of air travel for individual landowners to own all the space above them, therefore legislators established a public easement in the airspace above 500 ft in order to prevent claims of trespassing.[/quote]

Seriously impressive epoxy use… The bottom half of the donut didn’t budge after hours in the sea?

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Spot on. It bobs at angles that would certainly make it fall off.

I call hijinks.

There was also a Christmas ornament floating around up there…

If I eat enough donuts, my bottom half doesn’t budge either.

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Donut try this at home!


Someone was trying to curry favor with God.

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You need a permit to get a donut into outer space? #nannystate


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