Watch these farmers on jet skis rescue cattle caught in floods

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15 years ago, farmers using jet skis to herd cattle would have been the charming premise of a science fiction story. Now it’s our dystopian reality.


I would love to think all the individual animals were saved. I imagine not. The Glasgow climate agreement was a damp squib. Are we screwed?




Any hope out there?


Of course there is.


Thank you. I hadn’t seen that before. Critical mass for love for our world and our environment as one whole.


I wonder if she learned English from English English speakers? She has an English accent in many of her words.

Also; a former friend once met the Dalai Lama and she described him as “sparkly”, as in; he is not like other people.She is a lapsed Catholic and a narcissist, and not someone who is new-agey at all.

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The Dalai Lama would be on the team saving of cows.


“Like a jet ski cowboy…”

(Sung to Rein-stone Cowboy, if that wasn’t clear.)


Turf learns to surf…


There are a lot of dairy and poultry farms in that area. My understanding is that thousands of animals have perished. It is a total catastrophe.

That area was a lake when the indigenous people ran the place. It was drained to create farmland exactly a century ago (1921-4), over the strenuous objections of the Stό:lō people at the time, who lost thousands of acres of their reservation in the process.


All this water fun, and no water slides. :man_shrugging:

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Jetskis and Jetboats aside, some wild stories are emerging from the chaos:

And the disaster that keeps on giving:


One news report showed a brief interview of a farmer who lost 10,000 chickens. ONE farmer.

This super-natural disaster has hit parts of Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, north and east of Whistler (Duffey Lake Road), the Fraser Valley, the Coquihalla, the towns of Merritt and Princeton. The effects of it are rippling throughout Canada and the PNW of the USA.

Edit - Corrected town spelling


It blows me away that the only way to get in and out of that area right now is to go through Washington state. Traffic around here has picked up quite a bit because of that and it’s only going to get worse when they finally get hwy 3 open.

Mountains to the north and east, ocean to the west, the border to the south. Yup.

Are you near one of the crossings?

And this whole video was interesting but I skipped ahead for those short on time or patience:

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Yeah. I’m north of the one in Osoyoos. Not super close, but close enough. A lot of the traffic coming through there will be heading north through the region. The local media are already prepping people for the increase in traffic and my wife mentioned it was a lot busier than normal on the roads yesterday.

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