Goats vs avalanche


Also, apparently the avalanche hit them so hard that 2 goats split into 4 goats.


By Eris, you’re right. Who knew that goats could do such a thing? I will notify the agriculture department at once.

One needs to be very careful in such situations; just a few more to start with, and your goats are going to go prompt critical.


The trick to surviving an avalanche is apparently being at the very bottom edge of the avalanche.

They were all in love with dyin’
They were drinking from a fountain
That was pouring like an avalanche
Coming down the mountain.


At 1:42 a Cooper’s Hawk flies in and eats the excess goats.


And thus did Snow Bunny Jesus feed the 5000.


The other two are actually goat bosons.


I’m sure the goats appreciate the clapping, but quietly please. Avalanches.

In any event, I think we can assume that they were able to slip smoothly through the snow and ice without any scratches.

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I don’t speak french, but I tried using the closed caption translation function on Youtube. Either the dialog has hardly anything to do with the plight of the goats, or the translation function is total crap. They’re supposedly talking about some election and they mention China as well.

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The Spartans of the goat world.

That would be answer B: “The translation function is total crap.”

The dialog is pretty much a play-by-play (with color commentary) of what’s happening on screen.


Honestly, you don’t even need to speak French to see that the captions are a screw-up. It’s the captions for some other video. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the sound in that video.

My guess was that the 2 goats dug up 2 other goats who had cleverly been buried right there, for use in case of avalanche.


Banana for scale please

Maybe the translation function was trying to translate Goat --> human. (Goat 1: … garble garble… if he wins this election, I’m SO moving to China. Goat 2: China! They have avalanches there!)



Funny, you can hear the goats talking in the background. They sound European.


I appears that most/all of the commentators so far don’t speak french:
After congratulating the goats for their ability to save themselves, one of the voices says:
Ils n’ont pas d’ABS mais ils s’en sortent pas mal!
–Nous, ce qui nous a sauvé c’est la biere.

They don’t have ABS (avalanche air bags), but they did OK!
–Well, what saved us is the beer! (at the chalet)

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