Watch train workers rescue a mountain goat completely buried in snow

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Thanks, I needed something happy and uplifting this morning, and this fills the bill.


I won’t be surprised if that is a requirement for those workers. After all, it appears the goat was buried by the plow they were operating.

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I was waiting for the part where they fed it to a snapping turtle, but apparently in Austria they take a dim view of such things.


Whenever I see these videos there’s always that little part of me that wants to see the next 10 seconds where the animal just gets out of sight of the helpful humans and is immediately eaten by some predator.

I know, I know, I’m a bad person.


Oh yeah. Mountain goats fear nothing and are masters of the art of stubborn. Great happy ending.


Quite likely true; both German AND European/EU law in general is very, very strict about unnecessarily harming wildlife, most especially protected species.

That said, I see eager willingness to help from these guys, so very well done, whether or not this was a requirement by law; I’m NOT trying to minimize their good deed! And kudos, also, to their management; it seems obvious no one in this video is fearing for their job, due to the delay. I can’t imagine railroad mucketymucks being so understanding, here in the US, law or no law -.-’.


Yes, kudos to the mountain goat. Sensing that a snow drift was coming down and seeing that the men would be right in its path if they continued, he blocked the spot with his body and took the drift. It was nothing for him; digging himself out of drifts was pretty much what he did for a living in the wintertime. But the men would have had a much harder time of it, especially if the drift had knocked away their long-hooves. He had found some particularly good moss that morning and was feeling good with the world and thought he would just help these guys out. Grateful, they paid homage to him by cleaning snow from around him.


Are you saying that it is part of their…TRAINing?


Poor mountain-goating on the part of the mountain goat if you ask me.

these days…

Faith in humanity: currently restored.


In the States, the third guy would have been setting up the barbecue while the two guys with the shovels dug the goat out of the snow.

The best part of that video is the handshake between the two guys at the end.

If they are otherwise nasty people this was a good investment. The Devil likes goats.

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“honking the train”

Is that… a euphemism?

Asking for a fiend, obvs.

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Speak of the devil…

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And he shall appear!

(well, what with the cloven hooves and all I thought it appropriate :wink:)

Let’s be clear, the ‘snowdrift’ came from the loco clearing the lines. Kudos to the guys for rescuing though.