Watch these kabuki sniffers, a type of thin curtain rapidly dropped and extracted

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well, i’ve learned a new term today. the thing is, like the Foo Fighters video shows, the more complicated you make something, the more opportunity there is for something to go wrong.


Kabuki Sniffers? Their early work was interesting, but I went off them when they went electronic.


Neat! Next do the amazing fast mask changing techniques of Bian lian (Sichuan Opera) fame. (then explain how we can integrate these with covid-19 masks to replace changing facial expressions)


Product video has too many cuts , all flash and wow, no meat. I hate things like that.

Also not too sure I liked how that truss holding the device shook when it was activated.

And a weird marketing problem for them… unless they are the only game in town, your product launch will get whatever technology the stage company you’ve hired has access to. Like saying a client can specify the brand of spotlight being used… you get what you get.


They missed a chance to reveal their digitally controlled mechanism with a kabuki sniffer!


Would have been so Inception.


Dosen’t hold a candle to this type of reveal

Do you think the device has safety features for quick-turnoff in the event of excessive resistance? This thing cannot decapitate or dismember, can it? I mean, I just saw a kite throw a child 100’ in the air…

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It did seem like a member of the band was caught inside that curtain. I kept waiting for liftoff.

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