Watch these parents get tattoos that their kids just drew


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“Watch stupid people make bad decisions for a few clicks of internet fame!”


Hey, if they weren’t willing to endure a life-long consequence for a few minutes of amusement then they wouldn’t be parents in the first place.


That’s how we got our third kid.


“No one ever said parenthood was easy and this video proves that point, in a really bizarre way.”

For some people, it’s a whole lot harder…


I would do this without fear, actually. I would most likely have Carrot from One Piece as my tattoo, but the art would be great.


You’re blessed with talented and probably older kids :wink:


Just the one… but yeah. In a few months, she’ll be learning to drive. She starts HS on Monday.



Nope. I know our kids. Even at a young age, they would use this opportunity as a lifelong April Fools joke.


6th grade, so “middle school”, even though it is in her same building… I know… WTF…


Our babies!!! When did they get so big!!!



How different this experience would be if they had a 13year old son.


“Hope you like a duck with two butts, dad/mom!”






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